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Washington, Tacoma – Jacob Bennefield

I am a Jesus loving drummer in need of a Bible believing band (church band or not). I am originally from TX and have 8 years of percussion experience. I started in a Texas high school which won every state competition offered and played for a church for 4the years. God has given me this talent and I can play virtually any style but am best at contemporary Christian and a heavy rock/metal style. I thrive on the moments when the Holy Spirit takes over and I can play by ear and am a fast learner. I am in the military here at Ft. Lewis so there will be times where I am obligated to leave the area or country for periods of time. However, I love using my talents for the lord and I always try my best to put him first.
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Washington, Wenatchee – Randy Foltz

Interested in playing in a local Christian Church worship band. I have been playing drums for 18 years and have played previously in a church band, as well as with a small "coffee house" band. I have an acoustic kit and a portable electronic set.

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West Virginia, Fairmont – Isaiah Tipton

Hello, I am Isaiah Tipton from Fairmont West Virginia. I've been playing drums for a little over 6 years. I am completely sold for Christ in my life and on stage. I have had quite a bit of experience drumming for my church and a good many gigs here and there. I am pretty versatile when it comes to playing and can help fit your needs. Thanks and God Bless
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Wisconsin, Luck – Steve Sylvester

61 year old drummer, already in a small cover band with a couple of young guys, just started playing a year ago, can read music and taking lessons from a professional drummer who says i am more intermediate than beginner. have my own 4 piece kit of DW Performance drums. also can play congos & bongos . looking for a group of understanding that i am fairly new at this and non partying musicians. I am looking to go in another direction than the group i am currently playing with. really looking to help worship and honor our father by playing music to spread the word.

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Wisconsin, Madison – Eric Dixon

I been playing the drums for 26yr's now and I thank God that he has allowed me the ability to play for Him. I'm the drummer at Christ The Solid Rock Baptist Church here in Madison, Wisconsin. I would love to help out my fellow Christian drummers. My Lord has giving me a gift, and I want to bless other's with my gift. God is good and He is Worthy to be praise:-)

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Wisconsin, Milwaukee – SGT Daniel West

I have been playing all percussion for over nine years now professionally for the 85th Army Band in Arlington Heights Chicago. I just finished my degree in Percussion performance and I would like to break into the professional christian worship arts industry. I have played on numerous worship teams and I love using my gift for the glory of god. I can play drumset in any style including Jazz, Blues, Metal and funk. I also specialize in Vibraphone worship and hymnal performance. I would love to find studio work and or a touring band.

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