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Virginia, Richmond – Aharon Prater

My name is Aharon and I love the Lord with all my heart and love a pure worship experience. I have a COGIC background and have experience with many genre of music. I've been playing for 15years and enjoy every second of it.

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Virginia, Virginia Beach – Myron Goodwin

I am a season drum player. I have been playing for over 27yrs. I am new in the area i am from the KansasCity area. I am not here for show i am here to help lift up the name of the Lord with the people of Virginia.

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Virginia, Winchester – Michael Kovach

I'm an experienced drummer who first and formost loves the Lord Jesus,with all that I am,heart and soul. God has given me a gift that I don't want to waste. I have played in several praise and worship bands at churches that I've attended,and or have been a member of. My desire is to be a blessing to others and compliment a band as thier drummer,all for the glory of God. My drumming style is very versitile,and that can only come from God when I play for His Kingdom and to help and encourge others to worship.

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Washington, Puyallup / Tacoma – Darrell Benton Jr

I thank God for blessing me with the gift to play drums. I've played off and on since I was a little kid. In high school I played in the marching band for three years. Now I play on a consistant basis. I'm a versatile Gospel/Christian drummer who is looking to spread my wings. Drums is my passion and worship for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless!

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Washington, Seattle – James Adams

I'm a 'born-again', experienced, Christian drummer. I began playing drums the age of 14. I'm now 73 years young. I'm looking for a drumming position in a Christian Church. I have over 50 years of drumming experience (worldly and christian), but I'm now wanting to play drums in a Christian setting. I'm looking for a permanent, drumming position in a Church setting.

Contact phone: 206-772-2636.

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