Drummers in United States

Alabama, Birmingham – Michael Adams

I'm 26 years old with experience in playing various styles of music. I thank God for the gift of playing drums , and I'm currently seeking a church to use this gift worshiping God. I have played drums since age 4 and played in church since age 6. I would love the opportunity to use this gift to grow spiritually in Christ and as a musician. Please feel free to contact me via email or cell (205) 612-3058. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Alabama, Birmingham – Nate Spargo

I 've been fortunate enough to be able to play drums in many different venues across the state of Alabama and throughout the country. Endorsed by Heartbeat cymbals and percussion. I would love to play with your band for any worship event or concert!

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Alabama, Cullman – Seth Powell

I have been playing for almost nine years now.  I thank God for my ability to play and I give Jesus all the glory!  I have always been fascinated with metal drumming, and about a year ago, I started playing death metal style. Death metal isn't the only style I enjoy playing, although it is what gets my attention the most. I enjoy playing jazz and funk and just about any other style as well. Drums have always been a love of mine.

YouTube    Floodgates (Christian metal)     Drumming Video     email Seth

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Alabama, Cullman – Timothy Baxter

Been playing since I was 5 yrs old. I believe God has giving me this gift and I want to put it for his good and to glorify him. I'm currently the drummer for the praise and worship team at my Church. I thank God for it too. I love it. I can play from rock to praise and worship to country. But I want to be in it for His glory, not ours.

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Alabama, Dothan – Jay Solomon

During the past year my life has taken a turn.Im a Christian but sometimes you run from what the Lord wants you to do.Well I've found out God wants what God wants and who he wants. I'm tired of running so here I am ready to serve my God! 334-723-8245 wanting a professional atmosphere touring hurry! God Bless Jay

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Alabama, Huntsville – Daniel Parker

I am a Christian drummer. I have been playing drums since I was 4 years old. I have been played a lot of churches. And have been raised in a Christian home. My dad is a retired music minister at a baptist church that we used to play for every Sunday.

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Alabama, Mcalla – Courtney McGowan

I am proficient in any style needed. I play pocket and follow leadership well. I also understand that it is not about me, but it's about giving praise to God. You can use my email, or call me at 205-215-4363 if you are interested.

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