Hi Karen,
I wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to be on church drummers . com After being on your site for about 3 months, I got a call from a Pentecostal Church here in California and they hired me for a Sunday morning service which had 2 sessions, . it was an AWESOME worship experience. When the morning was over, I was asked by the Pastor of Music to play again for the following Sunday services. This was the 1st 2 weeks of November.

Church Drummer . Com is a Wonderful avenue for drummers and I thank the Father for your vision and love for Him as a Worshiper.
Continued Blessings to you and your ministry.

Sincerely Ed Drumma "J",

I'm so excited. That same night I went on your site churchdrummer.com and read through all of the drummers and ran across a guy drummer that I knew but did not have his contact info. He texted me back immediately and got me in contact with the female drummer that I was originally looking for. She just confirmed that she can play for the special project. My band is now complete!

It seems as though in these days especially that things that are set up which reflect God and being exalted!

God Bless you and your website and your endeavors!


Please remove the ad for first baptist church of duluth. We got a drummer through your website! Thanks so much.

Travis B.,

What a great service...prayer and your website for direction...how cool is that!!!

Terry Johnson,