Hey Karen,
A band found me a calvary chapel, THREE LAST WORDS we begin rehearsals today.
Thank you for your site and the work you are doing to help drummers find their way to God's will.


Thank you for adding me to your page! I'm trying to use all avenues I can. I love to drum and pray I can do it for a living someday. It's great to see all these Christian rock bands taking off like Skillet, Red, and Decyfer Down...just to mention a few. I hope I can be a part of that movement someday. Thanks for the compliments! I'm self taught and have learned by watching other drummers, and still have much more to learn!


Thanks a lot for add me on the website ! Its a honor to be part of this project (churchdrummer.com) 🙂


Thanks for starting this website. Wish I'd thought of it. LOL. But I hope all goes well with this and thanks again. May GOD continue to bless.

Kevin H.,